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Siemens Energy Climate-Friendly HV Circuit Breakers

Siemens Energy completes type approval test of F-gas-free 123 kV Blue dead tank circuit breaker

The first 3AV1DT 123 kV vacuum dead tank breaker has passed the type tests for IEEE / ANSI markets and is now ready for its first pilot installation at a well-known energy supplier in California. With zero CO2 emissions the non-toxic insulating medium is as clean as the air that you breathe, and the proven vacuum switching technology offers highest switching performance without degradation!

Thus it helps our customers worldwide to achieve their goals for climate neutral and reliable power grids.

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Trench Blue Instrument Transformers

Trench Blue Instrument Transformers provide an environment-friendly insulation system with no global warming potential. The current and voltage measurement characteristics are identical with those of the proven inductive Trench Instrument Transformer products. 

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Trench Optical Current Transformers

Standard Features of Optical CTs
• Available for rated system voltages from 123 kV to 800 kV
• Environment-friendly insulating system “Clean Air”
• Small and lightweight units compared to conventional CT design
• Wide dynamic range due to saturation-free measurement principle

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AMSC Distribution Volt-VAR Optimizer

Distribution Volt-VAR Optimizer

D-VAR VVO™ optimizes power electric grids at the distribution level, providing the essential flexibility and responsiveness needed as electric grids evolve towards a distributed generation (DG) architecture. DG refers to electricity generation within the distribution system itself, as opposed to the stream of electricity generated from centralized power plants, which is delivered to substations via the transmission grid and then delivered to customers via the distribution grid. Sources of DG include biomass, wind turbines, solar (photovoltaic, PV) panels and electric vehicles.

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Trench Power Voltage Transformer

Trench Power Voltage Transformers (Power VTs) combine the attributes of an inductive voltage transformer with the application of a small power transformer. Therefore, they are the  perfect solution wherever low voltage with power in the range of 100 kVA is needed and high voltage is available.

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