Smart Grid / Microgrid / Metering

KA Factor offers industry leading Smart Grid & Metering equipment and solutions.

KA Factor Group is pleased to offer sales and service for the the following product categories. If additional information is required, please do not hesitate to contact KA Factor Group.

Dynamic Volt/VAR Compensation

Volt/VAR Management Software

Grid Automation Solutions

Optical Line Sensors

FCI / Line Sensor

Automation and Control

Controls & Relays

IED Management Suite

HMI Software

Substation Computer

Microgrid Solutions

Battery Energy Storage Systems

Metering Transformers – 44kV – 800kV

  • Current Transformers; Oil or SF6
  • Inductive Voltage Transformers; Oil or SF6
  • Capacitor Voltage Transformers
  • Combined Instrument Transformers; Oil or SF6

Power Quality and Energy Meters

Protection Panels

SCADA / DA Systems

  • Outage Management
  • Advanced Distribution Management
  • Feeder Automation

Distributed Generation Remote Monitoring / Control

Gateways / RTU's

Distributed I/O