KA Factor offers industry leading electrical distribution equipment.

KA Factor Group is pleased to offer sales and service for the the following product categories. If additional information is required, please do not hesitate to contact KA Factor Group.

Portable MV Substations

Distribution Transformers

Voltage Regulators

MV Power Cable

  • EPR
  • PILC Replacement

Surge Arresters



  • Loadbreak and Deadbreak Separable Connectors
  • Compression Terminals
  • Compression Splices
  • Tap Connectors

Dynamic Volt/VAR Statcom

Overhead Spacer Cable Systems

Tree Wire

Preassembled Aerial Cable

Alumoweld Messenger Wire


  • Polyethylene Pin Type
  • Polyethylene Line Post
  • Porcelain Line Post
  • Porcelain Pin Type
  • Polymer Dead End
  • Spool and Strain

Poleline Hardware

Pole Rock Anchors

Guy Wire Anchors

Wildlife Protective Guards

Faulted Circuit Indicators

Capacitor Banks

  • Padmount
  • Polemount


  • Reclosers
  • Network Protectors
  • Underground Distribution Switchgear
  • Capacitor Bank
  • Padmounted, Submersible SF6
  • Sectionalizers
  • Loadbreak, Group Operated
  • Distribution Class Disconnects
  • Bypass & Tandem Transfer Disconnects
  • Cutouts
  • Station Class Disconnects 

Fuses, Current Limiting, Elbow, Expulsion

  • Cooper
  • Eaton 

Underground Enclosures



  • Conduground - Copperclad Steel Flat Conductor
  • Copperclad Steel Round Conductor
  • Grounding Enhancement Powder
  • Conduground Exothermic Accessories

Cable Pulling Lubricant

Personal Protective Equipment