KA Factor offers a large line of electrical distribution products. Through the innovative and advancement of software and  control products we can provide the industry's most reliable electrical distribution equipment.

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We offer a large variety of electrical generation equipment. The technicians who create our products are constantly pushing the limits, providing us with more effective and more reliable products.

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At KA Factor we provide many services and products to help your company achieve it goals; not every company's service needs are the same.

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Smart Grid / Metering

KA Factor offers industry leading Smart Grid & Metering equipment.

KA Factor Group is pleased to offer sales and service for the the following product categories. If additional information is required, please do not hesitate to contact KA Factor Group.

Dynamic Volt/VAR Compensation

Smart Grid Solutions

Automation and Control

Controls and Relays

Metering Transformers – 44kV – 800kV

Power Quality and Energy Meters

Protection Panels

SCADA / DA Systems

Distributed Generation Remote Monitoring / Control

Remote Terminal Units (RTU's)

Network Fibre Optic Turnkey Solutions

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Our large selection of  substation components are manufactured with the highest levels of quality, reliability and are easy installation. All of our components are created experienced fabricators.

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KA Factor's manufacturers are leading the industry in electrical transmission products. Through the continuous research, development and field experience we have created the most effective, durable and reliable products available on the market.

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