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Eaton VisoVac Padmount Switchgear

Eaton’s VisoVac fault interrupter uses advanced, proven vacuum technology which provides the highest interrupting ratings in the industry. The device includes visible isolation and grounding for an all-in-one compact design—to handle the demands of underground and subsurface environments.

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AMSC Distribution Volt-VAR Optimizer

Distribution Volt-VAR Optimizer

AMSC, a global energy solutions provider serving wind and power grid industry leaders, today announced that it is launching a product solution for electric utility customers at DistribuTECH—the largest annual energy transmission and distribution event in North America. AMSC's D-VAR VVO™ is a new offering, which is specifically designed to mitigate power quality issues on the distribution power grid for increased solar capacity and to support conservation voltage reduction management. D-VAR VVO™ not only manages current power quality concerns, but also expands grid capacity for distributed generation, reacting seamlessly to cloud pass or changing wind speeds across the distribution grid.

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Trench Power Voltage Transformer

Trench Power Voltage Transformers (Power VTs) combine the attributes of an inductive voltage transformer with the application of a small power transformer. Therefore, they are the  perfect solution wherever low voltage with power in the range of 100 kVA is needed and high voltage is available.

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AFL Complete Swage Grounding Solution

AFL introduces our new line of Swage Grounding Accessories. These products  use  a  compression  technology  process  called  “swaging” that  enables  installation  of  bus  accessories  without  the  need  of  a welder. These Swage products allow the electric utility to install the accessories faster and more efficiently with lower installation costs over the welding process. The complete Swage family includes Bus, Cable and now Grounding Accessories  that  complement AFL’s  Substation  products  which  are made for low voltage up to 765 kV applications that involve cable, pipe, flat or tubular bus and integral web connections. 

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